The Digital Light Corporate Mission
Digital Light, in strategic partnership with the most advanced opto-semiconductor manufacturing companies, from Korea and Taiwan , has positioned itself as a leading global supplier of high brightness, high quality LED (Light Emitting Diode) and related products.

The current rate of increase for the worldwide demand for high brightness LED is truly unprecedented. With an energy saving feature of 90%, as compared to the traditional forms of lighting and a lifetime of 100,000 hours (approximately 10 years), LED's have revolutionized the lighting industry. Digital Light has positioned itself and is determined to capture a growing share of this market, by forming strategic alliances with significant vertical industry partners, as well as other investors, in order to optimize and accelerate its growth.
    Our Manufacturing Partners
Digital Light's most important choice has been the strategic selection of its manufacturing partners. To reach this important decision, Digital Light conducted an extensive research and evaluation of US, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese companies with proven track record in the production of opto-semiconductor devices. After an exhaustive research, Digital Light has focused on the most advanced and reputable Korean and Taiwanese opto-semiconductor companies, with the highest technical capabilities, most advanced production facilities and a true commitment to R&D and fabrication of high quality and high brightness LED's.

The resulting product quality, competitive prices and highly sophisticated, state of the art, mass production facilities, have enabled Digital Light to place itself as a leading global supplier of high brightness LED products.
     Other Strategic Partners
Digital Light has selected two other strategic partners and it is now in the process of selecting other investment and selected vertical application partners.

One of Digital Light's strategic partners, a Los Angeles, California, based firm specializing in the international sales and marketing of specialty and aerospace products, has contributed over a decade of experience as well as key sales and marketing personnel and financial / infrastructure support, to the rapid growth of Digital Light.

A second strategic partner, also a Los Angeles based company, is a leading incubation firm, specializing in the nurturing and growth of high technology and specialized companies, who has successfully incubated over sixty high tech companies with specialization in the areas of opto-electronics, wireless and optical communications, Internet software as well as other novel technologies.
     Digital Light's Worldwide Market Review
The market for LED lamps, surface-mount devices (SMD) and displays can be categorized into the following broad market sectors:


This market includes products such as center high mounted stoplights, radios, instrument clusters and other dashboard lighting and rear stop, turn and taillight assemblies.

Computer and Office Equipment
This market includes personal computers, disk drives, local area network equipment, monitors, printers, and copiers, fax machines, modems, mainframe computers and peripherals.

Industrial Instruments
Industrial instruments include process controllers, medical instruments, test/analytical instruments, and point of sale equipment.  

Signs and Displays
Signs and Display market includes products such as moving message panels, various types of indoor and outdoor signs, full color video signs, traffic signs and traffic signals.

Illumination Market
Illumination market includes single and multi-color lighting, multimedia applications and ultimately white lighting, which is the single largest promised revolution in the lighting industry for the 21st century. The illumination market, which is currently dominated by the regular light bulbs, fluorescent lamps and halogen lighting, will be revolutionized through the use of white LED, which will replace much of the conventional lighting within the next ten years. White LED requires less than 10% of the energy, as compared to traditional lighting and lasts 10 times longer. Certainly, as the prices decline and the efficiency and brightness of white LED increases, this market will become the single largest market for LED.
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